Intro to Herbal Birth Control & Missing Period Inducers

I’ve been meaning to work on this post for quite some time.

The “ladies only” link in the sidebar doesn’t bar men from clicking, of course, it just seems to concern a woman’s body more than a man’s. the options are also more limited for men. anyhow, that link sends you to Sister Zeus’

Living with Our Fertility
A Women’s Guide to Synergistic Fertility Management

which is packed full of information on women’s reproductive health, and alternative methods of birth control and options when menstruation is late or absent. We don’t have to be controlled by our bodies if we’re knowledgeable.

For any one wanting something easy, there is always the option of polyurethane condoms, without spermacides. They are significantly thinner than latex condoms, and of course you don’t have to worry about adverse reactions to latex. I’m a super-sensitive (MCS) and the worst trouble I’ve experienced with these is the need of some extra lubrication after a while. I recommend these for the masses only because of wide-spread availability, social/cultural acceptance, and simplicity. When you get into herbal contraceptives and other alternative methods, you’ve got to understand what you’re doing. Unfortunately not every person out there may be willing to take the time to learn. So go for this condom at least. (Sheepskin condoms would probably be fine as well, I personally am a bit repulsed by the idea. I’m vegetarian. I can’t get past the dead sheep part. Not exactly what I want to be thinking about during sex.)

Spermacides, particularly those containing nonexynol-9 (N-9) which is the most common, cause irritation, and can even break the mucus and/or skin layer in the genital track. Not very pleasant, especially since it increases the risk of contracting HIV and other STDs. Even better, eh? Not really the kind of chemicals I want to be inserting into my body on a common basis. Remember too that though many spermacides have been around for decades, the standards for FDA approval were even less than today’s….and personally, I wouldn’t trust any FDA approval as far as I could throw it, and I suck at pitching!

I myself have used a few methods of herbal birth control. My best success had been with a combination of pennyroyal and blue cohosh root teas. I have successfully turned positive pregnancy tests with very early pregnancy symptoms into periods on two occasions. I was unsuccessful one time before those, simply because I mistook pregnancy pangs and other signs as pre-menstrual. Don’t be fooled yourself, the signs can be deceptively similar. Of course, that was the first time I was pregnant enough to be noticed (you never know when something aborts itself almost immediately!), and had I begun the teas on time instead of 5 days late, I wouldn’t have had to go the surgical route. But, you live and learn.

The most important thing to remember (besides researching before you try anything) when deciding to go the alternative/herbal birth control route is:


In order to avoid a horrendously long post, which happens on occasion when I am trying to aid in the dissemination (haha) of information, I will be dividing this topic into multiple posts, linked below:

I also don’t have a completely negative view of the Plan B/Morning After/etc pill. Basically this is just a higher dosage of the commonly used Pill and is highly effective when used within 12-24 hours after a condom breaks or you miscalculated your cycle or you want extra assurance or whatever reason….I don’t recommend long-term use of any sort of drug/chemical (this includes cleaners, perFUMES, etc), but if absolutely necessary, Plan B is a lot cheaper than having to go the surgical route—and a lot less painful. The PILL however, is a long-term steady alteration of your body’s natural cycles and hormonal levels, which I feel will have far-reaching negative consequences on your health. I would liken the Pill to a chronic illness, while Plan B would be an acute and soon to be recovered from illness.

Please refer to my disclaimer and remember that nothing here is intended as any sort of health advice—please see your doctor for any health concerns or decisions, etc blah-blah-blah.


6 Responses to “Intro to Herbal Birth Control & Missing Period Inducers”

  1. […] see my intro post on the subject of alternative/herbal birth control methods. This post is a continuation of that […]

  2. […] But there are a few more methods available out there, which are listed below. Remember to read my Intro to Herbal Birth Control and Disclaimer if you came across this post […]

  3. Aradia Says:

    Thank you; I’ve been feeling a growing repulsion to the Pill and what it is doing to me… It’s nice to know that there are alternatives. And not on a big company website!


  4. Our womens reproductive rights collective has spent the last few years researching the history and methods of self-induced abortion, and we have published our findings in a book titled Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods. Our book includes detailed information on forty herbs used to induce abortion, along with, medical abortion pharmaceuticals, menstrual extraction, homeopathic abortion methods, massage abortion, hyperthermia, and menstrual promoting yoga postures.

  5. Leah Says:

    Just curious as to the difference between being repulsed by the thought of a “dead sheep” and not being repulsed by ending the life of your unborn child. Seriously, I’m curious. I don’t see a difference.

    • the difference being one is a fully developed lifeform and the other is a mass of cells that in no way, shape, or form resembles anything but a cancerous blob. and that acts a lot like a cancerous blob. there was no “child” yet involved. too many people bring “children” into the world with no thought or preparation and provide them with the worst chances at any sort of life. horrible people generally beget horrible babies. we are not all of us born with the same potential. we are not all of us raised in a world of potentials. most of us are still stuck in the eat/shit/sleep stage. it’s really a sad reality for us commoners.

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