why i hate columbus day

columbus taking possession

the reasons are quite simple really and blatantly obvious:

  • columbus unfortunately did not discover america….i believe he died convinced he had landed in asia
  • columbus unfortunately did begin an enormous wave of european influx to the “american” continents……which of course led to the massacre of its people and the rape of its land (both still on-going) for “glory, god, & gold”

i don’t see how this is something we should be celebrating….why should we feel pride over destruction and death?

balboa claiming landspanish-incan confrontation

i find it equally horrifying that conquistadores were welcomed in and then proceeded to take murderous advantage of a truly warped situation…..in many ways i wish that the native diseases had taken a greater toll on the invaders…..or that they hadn’t have had guns or hadn’t have felt justified to steal, kill, enslave, destroy because “god” was on their side….if christianity isn’t devil worship i don’t know what is

and of course someone will point out that perhaps the native cultures were not perfect either and caused plenty of death & destruction themselves…..but of course this is not justification for what the europeans (and hence many of our ancestors) did to them…there is not and will never be anything to justify those actions…..it can only be an example of human cruelty

logic, reason, christianity, nothing at all makes one civilization better than another, makes its values & beliefs more real and worthy of emulation, nor justifies the violence it throws at itself & others……being more powerful does not make you the best and does not validate engulfing everyone else and forcing your practices upon them

hugo chavez called bushy the devil…..i find that very funny indeed…..although he is only a front for other devils of course….being president is so very much like being king

aztec gold


5 Responses to “why i hate columbus day”

  1. Smallaxe Says:

    On the first page of Howard Zinn’s “A Peoples History of The United States” there is a quote from Columbus’s log book, which reads: They willingly traded us eveything they owned….They were well built, with good bodies and handsome features….They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took the edge and cut thmselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane….They would make fine servants….With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

    I made some shirts that show what I think of him:


  2. Carl Says:

    As a Native American I do not celebrate Columbus Day, nor do most of my people. We do not declare it a holiday. We go to work just like we do any other day. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day… these days we call holidays. Columbus is a “white” thing.

  3. EnoughAlready Says:

    Columbus is not the Demon that some would make him out to be. Those that came after him did all the evil deeds, Spaniards who raped, pillaged this part of the world for gold. Just because some South American Indians hate him is no reason to vilify the man. If the truth be known to all about the man who was Chris Columbus, things would change and some would still hate him. Happy Christopher Columbus Day everyone. I for one, am glad he was here with us and did what he did. No amount of hate can take that away from him.

    • i’m not quite sure you read my post fully. and i said i hate columbus day.

      if you want to argue the virtues/deviltries of a single person…well, that’s not exactly what i was doing here. but, there are people who feel that stalin, lenin, hitler are misrepresented or blamed too much, etc, etc, etc. to each his own i suppose. perhaps one shouldn’t name holidays after a person if they don’t want someone confusing dislike for a distasteful holiday for dislike for the person the holiday is named after…? would that help? personally i care very little for holidays in general, but i really can’t stand the ones based on falsehoods. hmmmm. that takes care of most of them, huh? at least the modern forms. columbus day represents the celebration of a lie. i can’t condone that.

      “some south american indians” eh? interesting choice of words.

      oh yeah. i still hate columbus day.

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